Thursday, February 7, 2013

some nudes

Some nudes from a recent figure drawing studio, Sorry about the poor phone quality.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

there will be blood

As i said previously. I have some some serious trouble when it comes to the more painterly style of art. I started this just tonight and spent about 45 minutes id say on it. I really want to try to finish it so im going to take a break and come back to it tomorrow with fresh eyes. I always try to rush through things and never end up truly finishing a lot of stuff I do. So hopefully this can be a little side project that i can sink an hour into every once in a while.


I find it so hard to paint digitally in a non Industrial design fashion. I never learned how to do traditional painting and i learned Photoshop predominantly to do product renderings, as such I feel the style that i do draw in photoshop is in this weird in between period between painting and drawing. It might one day turn out to really be nice but right now i feel like im using two different parts of my brain when i paint, my designer side and my artist side. I have been keeping up a sketchbook for a few years now and because of that, drawing on trains and all over the place i feel as if my sketching has become much closer to what i want to achieve, that being the ability to unify my styles together, i dont feel as if when im sketching im drawing in two different mindsets. Hopfully this class that I am taking in Pasadena will help me unify these parts of my brain so I dont feel so awkward when "painting"

Havent updated in over a year

Things have changed. I haven't updated this blog in forever. I have changed my life has changed and my goals have changed. I am trying to be a better person and turning over a new leaf. I was looking at this blog today and cringing at how bad some of the things i posted were. But you know it doesn't matter. Im going to look back on it in two years again and still cringe but ill never have the chance to cringe again unless I keep going. I feel as if recently i have become a lot more apathetic about work, life , school  and design in some respects. I really have been become jaded it is ironic because at the time i was most active with this blog I was working for a company  I didn't enjoy doing boring silly things every day, yet somehow that was the most inspired period of my life. Today I have the opportunity to work most any company if I am aggressive enough and I have lived in San Francisco  Berlin, San Jose and soon Los Angeles. Now i ask myself why this is happening why am I jaded. If anyone actually reads this I am sorry for the random train of thoughts but I am going to start to try to bring back that part of me that found something to teach myself every day. Life is too short to waste

here are two drawings i did this week