Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I find it so hard to paint digitally in a non Industrial design fashion. I never learned how to do traditional painting and i learned Photoshop predominantly to do product renderings, as such I feel the style that i do draw in photoshop is in this weird in between period between painting and drawing. It might one day turn out to really be nice but right now i feel like im using two different parts of my brain when i paint, my designer side and my artist side. I have been keeping up a sketchbook for a few years now and because of that, drawing on trains and all over the place i feel as if my sketching has become much closer to what i want to achieve, that being the ability to unify my styles together, i dont feel as if when im sketching im drawing in two different mindsets. Hopfully this class that I am taking in Pasadena will help me unify these parts of my brain so I dont feel so awkward when "painting"

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